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A specialist healthcare creative agency.

bmore group

Why bmore?

We know what you need to do, to help your brand reach the right patients at the right time. We generate the most creative and impactful campaigns you can, within the right budget and timeframe. Trust and experience, that is why.

bmore educated

We help our clients really understand what Healthcare professionals actually need from you and what we can say to patients.

bmore creative

We will always bmore creative for you, FACT!

bmore digital

We bring the bling!

bmore connected

Patient support, education and adherence programmes.
Social media
Content marketing

Healthcare can be complex.

We simplify complexity.

Your Centre

The story of your branding…

In 2010, the ‘Liberating the NHS’ white paper concerning the government’s strategy for transforming the NHS put the patient FIRST.

Our new branding is designed to truly reflect the ethos of our agency, always bmore happy, always deliver more, always put the patient (and the client) at the heart (the centre) of everything that we do.

This will ultimately help us deliver on our promise of “Better health, from trial to treatment”.

What’s your Centre? Please click here to start your journey…

How can we bmore creative for you? That is how we start and finish everything, how can we bmore for you? From strategy to training, from branding to global campaigns, to helping you understand new technology and how it can be part of your marketing and coms. We will always bmore for you!

Ben Blackmore – CEO